Konduit 2.111th Feb 2016

Hey 'Scapers,

In this week's feature update we are bringing you a few highly requested features, as well as fixing a few bugs. We have a few more bugs we intend to fix, these should be out in a patch the next few days.

These changes are now live, so the next time you launch or reload the client, you will receive these updates.

> Ground Items Ease of Use Updates

A commonly requested feature this week has been the ability to more easily highlight and/or block items— without having to manually type their names when editing your settings.

You can now hold down the Alt key, or the Option key on OSX systems, and two boxes will appear to the right of any items currently being labelled. The left box will toggle highlighting the item, and the right one will block the item from being displayed. While you are hovering over one of these boxes, the item's text will change to either "Highlight" or "Block" so you can be sure what you're clicking on. The size of the boxes scales with the size of the text you have configured, so you can choose a size that's easy for you to click on.

> Home World Support on World Hopper

Another commonly requested feature was to be able to set a home world, that the client would automatically choose on startup. We have added a button to the world hopper side panel that allows you to configure your home world. After it is set, the client will select that world on startup the next time.

The world hopper has also been enabled when you are on the login screen— double-clicking a world will select that world as if you had gone through the "Click to switch" menu in the default client.

> Client Framerate Display

We have also added a meter to display your client's framerate in the upper-right corner. You can find this option in the "Render Settings" configuration.

> Bugfixes:

  • Many users weren't aware of clue scroll features because they were so hidden— these features now have a configuration so they are easily found and toggle-able.
  • Fixed an issue where the vertical scroll bar was not properly displaying on the notepad side panel. It now properly displays a scroll bar when the text is long enough to merit one.
  • Fixed potential inconsistency issues related to items when hopping directly between free and members worlds, or vice versa.