Konduit 2.1.114th Feb 2016

Hey 'Scapers,

I have been gathering some bugs and other concerns that have been reported to us in the last few days, and have gone through and fixed enough of them to warrant releasing a new version with some relevant changes.

These changes are now live, so the next time you launch or reload your clients, you will receive these fixes.

> Configuration Panels in the Right Pane

The behavior of the left panel when editing your settings was a relatively common concern with some people, specifically as opening or closing the left-hand panel could cause unexpected behavior when moving around overlays, as well as potentially causing issues with the screen captures that video makers or live streamers use to record the game. We saw this as a serious UX issue / flaw, so we have added the ability to open configs in the right pane to fix this.

You can now check the box pictured above to open all configs in the right side panel— they will be displayed over top the Configuration Manager tab. The caveat to this is that only one configuration can be open at a time— be sure to click the "Save & Close" button after you are done editing your settings.

> Buttons to Reset the Position of Overlays

Another somewhat common issue that people were experiencing was that movable overlays could sometimes get stuck in weird places when resizing the client in resizable mode. I am going to be addressing these issues more thoroughly, but in the meantime resetting the bounds should allow you to regain control of any rogue overlays.

> Other Bugs Fixed:

  • Added an option to the User / Client Info side panel to view
  • Fixed an issue with the Clan Caller feature when your chosen caller's name contained a space.
  • Addressed an issue where fonts of varying widths caused display issues in configuration GUIs.
  • Fixed an issue with saving some Status Indicators and Status Orbs settings when they were changed via the right click menu.
  • Added a configuration for zoom features, this screen also explains in more detail how to operate the zoom system with mouse / keyboard shortcuts.
  • Resolved an issue where digit grouping characters on non-English locales would render improperly in various overlays.
  • Added a button to the Screenshots settings that opens the screenshot folder directly.
  • Addressed an issue where the cursor would sometimes get stuck with a resizing image.
  • Resolved an issue with a feature that was interfering with indicator arrows used by the default client in places such as the Bounty Hunter minigame.
  • Added a previously missing configuration setting for sending slayer task messages in the chat box every 10 kills that remain.
  • Fixed an issue with the hitpoints bar of the Opponents Info overlay rendering incorrectly when your target was healed over their maximum hp.
  • Resolved an issue where the Twitch chat feature would format channel names incorrectly the first time it was used.