Konduit 2.1030th May 2016

Hey 'Scapers,

We've got a few new features and plenty of small changes / fixes to bring to you today, all of the changes outlined in this post were live at the time the changelog was posted. We also have a number of highly requested features nearly ready to go, which should be out later this week or the next.

> NPC Tagging

You can now tag any NPCs by holding down the Shift key when right clicking them— when doing so, the 'Examine' option will change to 'Tag'.

An NPC tagged this way will remain tagged after dying and respawning, and even after leaving the area and coming back. NPCs tagged this way will now also be marked on the minimap. This feature was designed for marking your chinchompa spawn when training Hunter, but you can probably think of many other creative uses!

This was originally included as a hidden feature in 2.8.0; we were giving it some time to ensure that this feature was stable.

> New Item Labels

There are now two new item labels for the coal bag and the soul bearer. Similar to the existing label for runecrafting pouches, both the coal bag and the soul bearer will display their contents on the item in your inventory. You will have to check or use these before it can display the contents. Additionally, as you can own more than one soul bearer, it will only track the one you have most recently used.

> Farming Cycle Timer and Indicator

There is now a new Status Indicator for farming, controlled by the stat tick indicator. It is disabled by default and needs to be configured, which can be found under the Farming Timers configuration. You can choose to have it track either both herbs and trees (20 minute timer), or only trees (40 minute timer).

This feature is designed to help you avoid logging out when it would cause a farming tick to be skipped. This means that your crops would not grow, and in the most extreme case with spirit trees, it can cost you 5 hours of growth.

When enabled, it will display the time until entering the next farming window. Each farming window is 5 minutes long, and based on when you last logged in, your account's farming tick will occur somewhere in that 5 minute period. Once in the farming window, the tooltip will display when you can safely log out, without causing your farming cycle to be skipped.

There is also a new farming cycle timer that a few players were asking for. It gives you a graphical way of seeing when certain crop types are able to grow, so you can plan your farm runs, or know when to avoid logging in so you don't cause any farming ticks to be skipped.

> Minor Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Revised the Twitch Chat features to automatically lowercase channel names when entered, as Twitch's IRC expects all-lowercase names.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the Experience Counter that could cause your total experience to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the image used by the slayer task indicator.
  • Updated some clue answers in line with changes in recent game updates.
  • Revised the Status Alerts configuration to allow disabling tray messages but still display on screen.
  • The window unfocus throttle has been disabled by default, as it was causing confusion to new users. If you had this feature enabled intentionally, you can re-enable it under the Render Settings config.
  • Updated some core client functionality that should have a positive impact on general performance.