Konduit 2.11.X18th Aug 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

It has been a while, but it has not been without quite a few notable updates. The updates outlined in this changelog were added throughout the month of July in versions 2.11.0 through 2.11.7.

> Mouse Keys
Today we have quite a few highly requested features, but perhaps the most requested of the lot has been Mouse Keys. There is now a Mouse Keys plugin, designed to mimic the features of Windows MouseKeys. These are enabled by default and function based on your keyboard's number pad, using the 8, 5, and 2 keys to control the mouse and the divide (/), multiply (*), and subtract (-) keys to change the click mode. You can modify the settings for this under the Mouse Keys configuration.

> Barrows Map Overlay

There are a couple new features that can be found in the Minigame Overlays settings. Most notably, the doors within the barrows tunnels are now marked on the minimap, as shown above. There is also a new overlay for the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course, with a Blast Furnace overlay planned to be added soon.

> Opponent Info HP Changes
As of 14 July, there was a change to how the client receives entity hitpoints. While the client previously received a current and maximum HP, after this change it now receives a percentage.

The Opponent Info plugin will try to display an estimate of an NPC's current health based on their known maximum health. In any other case, including with players, the HP will now be displayed as a percentage. We have plans to add the option to enable estimating a player's current health, based on their hiscores; note that this may be inaccurate if the player has gained hitpoints levels since logging out.

> Marked NPCs and Fishing Spots on the Minimap

Marked NPCs will now be properly displayed on the minimap. Fishing spots are now also marked on the minimap, particularly useful for when your screen is zoomed in and you can't see where those pesky fishing spots have gone.

> Achievement Diary Progress

The Achievement Diaries tab will now display icons representing your known progress through each diary. Opening the task list for a diary will cause these icons to update. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the Interface Modifications settings.

> World Hopper World Activities

Particluarly lengthy world activities would previously be too long to fit legibly onto the side panel buttons in the World Hopper panel. These activities are now shortened so they nicely fit on the buttons. Various activities are also color-coded: beta or tournament worlds are now colored blue, deadman worlds are colored orange, and as formerly, PvP worlds are colored red.

> Disable Left Clicking Chatbox
Under the Interface Modifications configuration you will now find a setting to disable left click options on chat messages. Many people had a problem with accidentally adding people to their friends or ignore list, or even accidentally kicking people from clan chats due to left clicking someone's chat message.

> Minor Updates / Bugfixes:

  • Updated the Zoom plugin to now zoom in 200% further than it previously could.
  • Added a setting to the Screenshots config to allow disabling the manual screenshot shortcut keys.
  • Updated the Status Orbs plugin to allow ignoring the vanilla client orbs toggle.
  • Prevented an issue where shift-clicking on items when the right click menu is open would still initiate a Grand Exchange lookup.
  • Fixed a timing issue with the magic imbue Status Indicator that could occur when perfectly chaining casts.
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused some food tooltips and clue solutions to be missing.
  • Prevented an aesthetic issue on the Grand Exchange panel when items had color codes in their names.