Konduit 2.1218th Aug 2016

Hello again 'Scapers,

It's Thursday again, and yet again we have a few new features coming to a Konduit client near you. The updates outlined here were live shortly before the time of this changelog.

> Agility Overlays

A feature to mark the clickable areas of agility obstacles has possibly been the most highly requested feature since our initial release. As of today, the Agility Overlays plugin now does exactly that, marking the approximate hitboxes for all obstacles on the following courses: all rooftop agility courses, the Gnome Stronghold agility course, the Wilderness agility course, and the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course. You can also configure the color of the hitboxes under the Agility Overlays configuration.

> Hiscores Changes

The Hiscores side panel has received a few updates. Most notably, a player's rating in the new Last Man Standing minigame is now shown, and clue scrolls are no longer shown. The Hiscores side panel now optionally displays virtual skill, total, and combat levels.

Shortly before LMS was released, the official hiscores API was modified to no longer return clues; a few J-mods have said that they plan to add clue scroll hiscores back, with separate hiscores for each tier.

There is also now a "Hiscore" right click option on friends in your friends list.

> Experience Tracker Changes
The Experience Trackers should now accurately account for performing activities where you gain fractional experience, such as burning yew or magic logs, mixing most potions, etc. We also have plans in the near future to display more useful "remaining" text such as "laps remaining" for agility, or "kills remaining" for combat.

> Minor Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Updated Mouse Keys to only function when logged in.
  • Fixed minor graphical issues with Hunter trap overlays and clue scroll location overlays.
  • Prevented a possible graphical glitch with the FPS counter.
  • Made various minor tweaks to aesthetics / user output in various plugins.