Konduit 2.138th Oct 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

It's time for another update— which is great, as we have been working on some shiny new features lately. All of the changes outlined in this changelog were live as of today, Saturday 8th October.

Note: On release, there was an issue with a few features such as food tooltips, a new same-version build has been released to resolve these issues as of this time.

> World Map Updates and Dungeon Maps

This week, the World Map plugin has seen quite a large reworking. We are now using a new, custom map format that allows for a higher resolution, interactive map. This allows for us to mark certain map features with tooltips, such as fairy rings, dungeon enterances, agility shortcuts, and the like. The map also still integrates with the Death Marker and Clue Scroll Helper plugins to display their relevant markers.

In addition to those features, the World Map plugin is now capable of displaying a map of any location ingame. We've mapped out three frequently used dungeons to start with: the Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave, the Catacombs of Kourend, and Taverley Dungeon. A full map of the surface world is also included, as before.

Let us know what other areas you would find useful to have a map. We currently have planned to add maps for the Waterbirth and Brimhaven dungeons within the near future.

While the World Map now supports mapping any area ingame, we have limited this to three dungeons to start, as many areas ingame are seldom visited outside of a quest. We would like to minimize clutter and keep the mapped areas limited to the practical, useful areas that would see use in the client.

> Opponent Info Player HP
Back in July, there was a change to Oldschool that meant all entity hitpoints were given as percentages. We had previously updated the Opponent Info plugin to display an estimate of an NPC's current health based on their known maximum health.

As of this update, this change has also been made for players. A player's hitpoints percentages are now adapted to approximate health values based on the player's known hitpoints level; this relies on the player's hiscores, so it is possible that this may be inaccurate for a player who hasn't logged out recently.

> HP / Pray Orb Highlights

The vanilla HP orb now fills with a semi-transparent white color, tracking when your HP will regenerate next. This overlay takes into account when you have rapid heal active, and also takes into account the delaying effect that toggling rapid heal causes.

The vanilla prayer orb is now filled with a semi-transparent white color when your quick prayers are active. This is a change from the vanilla mechanic, where only the filled part of the orb would be highlighted, and as a result it would be hard to notice the highlight when your prayer was low.

Both of these new settings are toggleable under the Status Orbs configuration.

> Corp Specs

While inside the Corporeal Beast's cave, your successful specs with the dragon warhammer, bandos godsword, and darklight are tracked and displayed nearby to the damage display. These specs are retained if you leave the boss room without killing the boss, so it will keep counting up if you leave to restore spec.

> Split PM Recoloring

Previously, when you had chosen to recolor private messages, the prefix up to the player's name would be the original cyan color. As of today's update, split PM prefixes are now appropriately colored along with their messages.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would have prevented some Ground Items and Bank Evaluator features from functioning properly.
  • The Idle Alert for mining now appropriately includes all pickaxes.
  • Updated the binding necklace Status Orb now to properly tracks charges again, after some Oldschool-side changes.
  • Update Status Indicator tiles to no longer vary in width.
  • Fixed a potential issue with Agility Overlays.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the Bank Evaluator feature.
  • Fixed an aesthetic issue with the Bank Evaluator button on tall game windows.
  • Reduced the amount of text on the Mouse Keys config.
  • Fixed an issue with the World Hopper that could cause unusual behavior if the world list was loaded very slowly.
  • Updated the Bank Evaluator to translate 16 more untradeable items to their respective tradeable items' values, such as the colored slayer helmets.
  • Updated some internal rendering systems to likely improve performance under certain circumstances.