Konduit 2.13.130th Oct 2016

Hello again 'Scapers,

Today we have a few tweaks to the new World Map, a fresh new skin for a side panel, and a few bug fixes in addition to that. Some of the changes outlined in this changelog were released on 20th October with Oldschool RuneScape 124. The rest of the changes are now live as of the time of this post.

> World Map Tweaks

The new World Map, released a few weeks ago, has been generally well received. A zoom feature was in the works, and has now been completed. We have also resolved a few minor issues with the map calculating positions.

We have been listening out for which other dungeons you'd like to see added, and we will have a few of them coming soon.

> Revised Info Side Panel

The Client Info side panel has received a fresh new coat of paint today; it still displays the user, version, and session information as before, now just in a prettier format.

You may also notice a few shiny new points of attention. The most recent changelogs or announcement posts will now be referenced from the client. You can click on them and be taken to their respective post; that might even be how you got here!

There is also now a button that takes you to the donation page, as this previously was not displayed anywhere in the client. All of your generous donations go towards the operation and developement costs of Konduit. If you are enjoying your experience on Konduit, please do consider donating; we appreciate all of you who have done so.

> Bugfixes:

  • Updated the prayer Status Indicator and tooltips on prayer potions to properly reflect Holy wrenches, Prayer capes, and the Ring of the gods (i) throughout.
  • Fixed a silly error that caused the Hunter Overlay to not work.
  • Resolved a few calculation issues that could occur when opening the World Map on non-surface floors, such as rooftop agility courses.
  • Fixed an issue where your player's position on the World Map would sometimes be incorrect.
  • Updated the Experience Counter plugin to fix an issue with missing total xp.