Konduit 2.143rd Nov 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

Another Thursday, another update. This week we've got quite a lot in store for you. Chock full o' features, this week sees the addition of Bank Item Tags, Screen Markers, a Blast Furnace overlay, a few new Idle Alerts and many fixes / minor changes besides.

This update was released in tandem with Oldschool RuneScape 125 on Thursday, 3rd November.

> Bank / Item Tags

Item Tags have been a feature I have planned to add for quite a while, and with them making such a splash in the community recently, what better time could there be?

From today on, you can now set tags on all items in your bank or Grand Exchange. This can be found through the associated right click options on items in your bank, and the buy offer for the Grand Exchange.

After tagging items, you can then search for their tag while in the bank screen.

Notice that in the above image, the search for "farming" also returned my Farming skillcape and hood as a result. This is not because it was tagged, but rather because it had "farming" contained in its name. If you want to narrow your search to only tagged items, you can do that by prefixing your search with "tag:"— as shown below:

The new Item Tags also work as a search term in the Grand Exchange—so you can quickly find all of the items that you may need to stock up on.

> Screen Markers

Screen Markers have been a common request among users, so as of today, you can now access a highly customizable Screen Marker editor!

You can access the Screen Marker editor in its new side panel, currently the bottom-most side panel, recognizable by its pencil icon. You can name and save the Screen Markers you create, so you can load them up at any later time. You can also edit a screen marker to use temporarily— if you don't save it, it won't stick around between client restarts.

The Screen Markers editor is like a basic image editor, you can draw shapes, move / delete them, and change their colors / line weights. You can draw straight lines, so you can even be silly and write text with it like I did.

Note that the Screen Markers editor will translate your clicks into drawing shapes on the screen. This means that the RuneScape game will not receive any clicks you make while in the editor. Please be wary of this, and only edit your Screen Markers in a safe location ingame. You can press the Escape key at any time to close the editor immediately.

The Screen Markers editor is somewhat complex, and might merit its own tutorial page, but as a brief summarization of its features:

  • You can click and drag to draw shapes.
    • You can currently choose from lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses.
  • You can click (and release, without dragging) to select a shape you've already drawn.
    • You can then move it around, change its color and line weight.
  • You can hold shift while drawing shapes to draw regular shapes (squares, circles, straight lines).
  • You can move shapes to the front/back and delete them with buttons on the side panel.

> Blast Furnace Overlay

The Blast Furnace has received a bit of love today, with a brand new overlay making its way into the client. This overlay shows you your current contents of the Blast Furnace, giving you a visualization of where your ores and bars currently are. You probably won't manage to get one of every ore and bar like in the above picture, more realistically in normal usage you will see something like the image below:

> NMZ Idle Alerts
For when you're inside the Nightmare Zone, there is now an idle alert that will warn you when your Absorption or Overload potions are about to expire.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • The Client Info side panel now highlights the changelog matching the current client version.
  • Fixed an issue where the Status Orbs plugin would not recognize some jewelry to display their charges.
  • Resolved an issue with the Hunter Overlay not properly loading its impling settings.
  • Updated the World Map to now respect the configuration setting for hiding its icon.
  • Fixed an issue with the friend Set-Note feature where cancelling input would clear the note, when it was described and intended to leave the note unchanged.