Konduit 2.14.219th Nov 2016

Hello again 'Scapers,

We're releasing another patch this week with a few tweaks and changes. There will be some larger updates coming soon in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The changes in this changelog were live as of the evening of Friday, 19th November.

> Zeah Map & Surface Map Labels

A maps update was released last night, which primarily revised the area occupied by Zeah to its newly updated form. There are also many more labels on the surface map now, identifying smaller points of interest in addition to the cities and kingdoms that were already labelled. Many of these areas that were pretty bare before, such as the Wilderness, have been fleshed out with many new labels.

> Hiscores Side Panel

The Hiscores side panel has received a new lick of paint, and now also includes the Hardcore Ironman hiscores. Additionally— not pictured— the ingame overlay that appears when you attack or follow another player has had its colors improved; the colors used now are the same as those used for combat level differences, with multiple shades of red/green.

> Level-up Chat Message Changes

There was previously a feature that would display your new level in the chat alongside the congratulations message. This has been reformatted to be in line with the message format used in pre-eoc, in a single line of chat rather than two.

This feature is now also configurable under the "Level-up levels in chat" setting in the Status Alerts configuration, as it previously wasn't controlled by any setting.

> Vanilla Client Optimizations
Konduit has always made some notable performance optimizations to the default (vanilla) client. Today sees the addition of multiple more optimizations that have been working well in development/vip builds over the past few months.

These optimizations should help most notably on lower-end machines; if you are already on a pretty beefy computer, you might not notice much difference proportionately. Let us know if these optimizations improve client performance notably for you.

> Other Changes:

  • Name highlighting was previously far too subtle with a transparent, resizable mode chat box. This has been revised, and under these circumstances, your name will now be underlined in any chat messages when this feature is enabled.