Konduit 2.1525th Dec 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

Holiday merriment and cheer are here, and so are a few new features that we have been working on recently. Stay tuned in the new year for some more updates that will be coming soon. The updates outlined in this changelog have been released as of the time of its posting.

> Winter Seasonal Updates

The winter holiday season is upon us again, but Gielinor hasn't got quite as much snow as it did last year. That hasn't stopped them from decorating the place a bit to spread holiday merriment; everyone is happy, as you can see, Mr. Spirit Tree is very enthusiastic about having been decorated.

These cosmetic updates will remain in the client until early January, but if you'd prefer to not see them, you can disable them by running the ::seasonal command.

> Player Owned House Map Icons

Various useful objects within player-owned houses will now be labelled on the minimap with a recognizable icon. A total of 31 categories of hotspots will be labelled, including every type of portal, spellbook altars, prayer altars, jewelry boxes, restoration pools, and countless more. Most of these are represented in the above picture.

> Skill Calculators

Today also sees the addition of the new Skill Calculators side panel. There are currently 17 skills included in these calculators, and each includes most of the activities that you could train any given skill with.

Some training methods are omitted for brevity in skills where experience is based on the number of resources (e.g. bars/planks) used. Otherwise, most training methods were included; even if they are seldom used, we did not want to decide what was worthwhile to include for all users. For skills with many categories of training methods, the most common / meta training methods have been included in a category of common methods.

The calculators allow you to enter any level or experience value as your starting point or goal. If you are logged into the game when using the calculators, they will default to the experience of your character, for convenience.

Some skilling methods have requirements in other skills, and other skilling methods may award experience in other skills. These situations are noted where applicable, and can be seen by expanding the tile of such a training method.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Features that send system tray messages, such as Idle Alerts, should now function properly on Mac OSX systems.
  • Alchemy values are now displayed in Grand Exchange searches in the side panel.
  • All Ground Items are now shown when holding down Alt, even if they are blocked.
  • Screenshot level-up triggers will now properly respond to Hunter level-up screens.
  • An issue with Hunter Overlays not properly detecting net traps has been resolved.
  • Zoom can now be toggled back on with Ctrl + middle click after being toggled off in that manner.
  • More consumable items have been labelled with their HP healing values.
  • An aesthetic issue with the text color used in some Status Indicator tiles has been fixed.
  • An aesthetic issue with general tooltips under some rare circumstances has been fixed.
  • Potential lag issues that could occur when screenshots were taken have been resolved.
  • An issue with the error log being hidden when the client frame was set to always on top has been fixed.