Konduit 2.15.110th Jan 2017

Hello again 'Scapers,

We have been working on some cool new updates that we will be very excited to share with you— you should be hearing about these in the near future.

In the meantime, we have a few smaller tweaks and changes that were ready for release; the festive, seasonal updates have also passed. These updates were live as of yesterday, on the 9th of January.

> Minor Map Update

The World Map has been updated to contain the latest and greatest in the RuneScape overworld, notably featuring Mount Quidamortem and the area surrounding it.

> Sidebar Handing Changes

Those of you who play in resizable may have noticed that the sidebar would always open inward when it had the room to. This meant that the size of the Konduit window would typically not change, but the game would typically shrink by the width of the side panel.

As of today's update— when you enable the "Retain game size when side panel opens" feature shown above— the side panel will open outward, and always retain the size of the game. If you play in fixed mode, you shouldn't notice a change.

With the new setting enabled, opening the side panel in the above picture would keep the game where it is, and the side panel would occupy the area spanning until the yellow line. With the setting disabled, as previously, it will open inward and shrink the game, occupying the area spanning until the purple line.

> Blocked Ground Items

In 2.15.0, it was changed so that all items have an overlay when holding the Alt key, even if they were blocked. However an oversight meant that you could not un-block these items through the menu. In today's update, the block button will now toggle the blocked state of an item, and all blocked items should now be easily recognizable by a strikethrough.

> Other Changes:

  • Winter 2016 seasonal updates have been removed.