Konduit 2.169th Feb 2017

Hey there 'Scapers,

Today is a special day— not only because there are some shiny, new features coming to a Konduit client near you— but because it's Konduit's birthday! Today marks one year since our original public release, one year ago on the 8th of February. Continuously evolving throughout that year, it looks quite a bit different now than it did then.

To start the next year off, we have a number of new, smaller features that we have been rounding up, including many features / fixes requested by users. The changes outlined in this changelog were released on the 8th of February.

> Maps of Instanced Areas

In a rather small but significant extension to the current map's features, the World Map plugin now supports rendering maps of instanced areas on-demand. It shows about what the minimap does, but may come in handy when navigating an unfamiliar POH, when exploring a raids dungeon, or something of the like.

With this feature enabled, a view of your client's currently loaded area will be rendered when a new area is loaded. As it renders all planes at once, it will only spend time re-rendering the maps when you move horizontally out of the currently loaded area.

> Support for Emoji in Chat
On a somewhat sillier note, the ingame chat now optionally supports emoji. This works for all public, private, and clan chat; it will also appear above player's heads when they are speaking in public chat near you.

You can use these emoji by typing their names within colons, such as :smile:, :thinking:, :upside_down_face:, :heart:, and hundreds more. This behavior is similar to many chat programs, so you may already be familiar with it.

In one of the next patches, we plan to add something to more easily know what the short code for a given emoji is. In the meantime, if you're interested, you can find most of the emoji short codes on the web, such as here. Most (perhaps not all) of the emoji codes listed on that page will work.

Additionally, any emoji you type on a keyboard that supports it, such as the on-screen keyboard included in some operating systems, will be translated to the appropriate short code.

The emojis currently used are all from the Google Noto Emoji library; in other words, they're like the ones you would see on android phones. This is only my first revision of this feature, so it could be expanded in the future to offer a choice including other popular emoji styles, such as Twitter's or Apple's. I tried to find a nice balance between the emoji being small enough to fit in a typical line of chat, but large enough to be recognizable. This can be tweaked in the future if I get the sense that you guys generally think the emoji need to be larger to be visible.

If you would prefer not to see emoji typed in the chat, you can disable it under the "Chat Icons / Emoji" configuration, found in the wrench tab.

> Status Indicator Additions

There is now a new Status Indicator for tracking the cooldown of the Imbued heart.

Additionally, the overload indicator, previously designed for Nightmare Zone overloads, now also works with overloads within the Chambers of Xeric. The corresponding Idle Alert has not been updated to work within raids.

> Experience Tracker Menu

The Experience Trackers are getting a small usability update today, and will now offer four right click menu controls to pause, resume, reset and recall the tracker. These only apply to a tracker when it has been moved onto the game screen, as the controls are already readily accessible in the side panel.

> New Cannon Idle Alert
There is now a new Idle Alert that is triggered when your cannon runs out of cannonballs. As with all alerts, this is disabled by default, and can be enabled under the Idle Alerts configuration in the wrench tab.

We have a few more, player-requested idle alerts planned for another update soon, such as for impending logouts, or for bird nests appearing. Let us know if you've got an alert trigger you'd like to see.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • The Arclight now counts as a Darklight for the purposes of counting your successful special attacks on the Corporeal Beast overlay.
  • The Slayer features will account for the effects of the new Expeditious bracelet and Bracelet of slaughter, shortening or extending your task, respectively.
  • Port Phasmatys is now included in the World Map once again, after.. the accident.
  • (From 2.15.2) Anything that utilizes prayers within the client will now understand the Preserve, Rigour and Augury prayers.
  • (From 2.15.2) The Hiscores side panel will once again show a player's completed clues count, as recent changes to Jagex's Hiscore API have added these fields back.