Konduit 2.172nd May 2017

Hey all you 'Scapers,

Another slew of updates is coming to a Konduit client near you (right now!). The changes outlined here were released publically on or before the 2nd of May.

We have a few more, non-ingame changes coming soon, including a new update to the Launcher, and some new ways to connect with us on social media. We'll have more on that soon; without further ado, here are the major points of 2.17.0:

> Old Interface Style

To start things off, we're getting truly oldschool, with the old interface style used during 2005-2007. The style offered is a mostly-faithful recreation of the old interface layout, with some minor tweaks to make it fit within OSRS' interface system.

You can switch into this interface in the "Interface Styles" configuration, found in the wrench tab.

> Stretched Fixed Mode

Also in this update— possibly the feature which has garnered the most user engagement out of any suggestion on the forums— is stretched fixed mode.

When active, this feature will stretch the game to the full size of the client, filling the space of what would have previously been black bars.

Image scaling is not free, so if you already experienced less than 50 FPS in fixed mode, enabling stretched fixed mode will likely decrease performance, even if only slightly. Even with this setting enabled, no additional processing is performed in resizable mode, or if the client is already at its minimum size in fixed mode.

The default aspect ratio of the client (1.52 : 1) will not be maintained automatically; a feature for this may be added in the future.

You find the setting to stretch the fixed mode game to the size of the client under the Render Settings configuration, in the wrench tab.

We have tested this feature relatively extensively, but if you experience glitches or any other issues, please do let us know.

> Virtual Levels

Most of the skill-related features have already supported virtual levels through 126 for a while. As of today, you now also have the option to display virtual levels on your stats tab ingame.

Alongside this change, our internal, skill-related hooks have been revised. You may notice that a few former issues now no longer occur, such as displaying incorrect XP counter amounts for a short while after logging in.

> Clan Cape Counter

A feature to display the number of nearby players on teams had been requested a few times recently. Today, we have added just that— a simple overlay will group nearby players onto the teams they are representing. The overlay can be moved around as desired. The overlay is disabled by default, but can be enabled by checking "Show team cape counts" in the Clan Features configuration, in the wrench tab.

When more than 10 distinct teams are found, it will display the 10 teams with the highest player counts, to avoid clutter.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Some skill-related inconsistencies that could previously occur have been rectified.
  • Fixed some issues that could occur when generating maps of instanced areas.
  • Optimized some internal rendering code when supporting stretched fixed mode.
  • (From version 2.16.1) Some inventory tab-related issues due to changes introduced in Oldschool 140 were resolved.
  • (From a silent 2.16.0 patch) The GE lookup feature that previously used shift-clicks was changed to use alt-clicks, to avoid conflicting with the shift-click system added to the vanilla client.