Konduit 2.1927th Mar 2018

Hey again 'Scapers,

Without further ado— Konduit 2.19 is here! This update brings many features for use within the Chambers of Xeric, and a few miscellaneous changes besides. There will be more to come later this weekend.

> Chambers of Xeric Features

Features centered around the Chambers of Xeric raids have been requested frequently lately. Today's update happens to include a few features that you may find useful in your ventures into Mount Quidamortem.

I have been testing these features pretty extensively, but there is always room for bugs to occur. As always, please let us know if you experience any problems.

> Raids Scouting

When entering a raid, its layout of bosses and skilling rooms will automatically be detected, if possible. Note that there are a few layouts where the client does not initially see enough of the raid to be able to do this. When this happens, you will be notified in the chat with a message stating that the raid could not be scouted.

Assuming the raid was successfuly scouted, a new overlay will be shown on screen at the start of a raid. This overlay can also optionally be shown during the raid, at which point it will mark off the rooms as you advance through them.

> New Points Overlay

The vanilla points overlay is limited to two spots on the screen (though most players don't know that you can cause it to move by changing the position of your vanilla xp counter). This could cause some issues with overlapping overlays. As of today, you can now move the points overlay anywhere on the screen, as it is now a custom overlay. This overlay can also optionally be right-aligned.

When not in a solo party, it will display your current percentage of the solo points and the number of members in your party. Before the raid has started, it will display the number of people currently inside out of the total party size. If someone has left your party mid-raid, it will also represent that by displaying how many remain out of the original number.

> Other Raids Features

There are a few more features besides that, such as auto-tagging Vanguards NPCs with their respective color from the combat triangle. Vanguards have also had a new overlay added which displays all of their HP percentages close together.

It can sometimes be hard to see who some projectiles, such as those found in the Vasa fight, will be aimed at. A new option has been added to mark the targets of various projectiles.

Additionally, crystal bombs during the Great Olm fight will be marked with a timer. Conventional wisdom would imply that you should not be near them when the timer runs out.

> New Player Indicators

Moving on from the raids features, there are a few other features in today's update that you will notice.

Player Indicators have been reworked slightly to utilize a system added in the official client a few weeks ago for the purposes of the DMM tournament. This change added optional nameplates above players which we felt flowed well with the game and were a suitable replacement for the existing ones that were displayed on top of players.

These new indicators will still display your friends in green, and your clan-mates in purple, but now they will also display players who are wearing the same team cape as you in blue. There are also options (though disabled by default) to display all players' names, and to display your own name. In a stack of players, only the top-most player will be marked.

> New Vanilla Map Features

We've started adding features to the World Map in the official client, the most notable of which is that many of the map icons now have customized tooltips with information about what actually happens there. Most fairy rings, quest start locations, and agility shortcuts have these, as well as a few other miscellaneous ones.

> Other Changes / Bugfixes:

  • Raids: One specific type of thieving room was mistakenly recorded as a tightrope room. This was fixed.
  • Raids: A toggle for the custom points overlay was built in, but not exposed via a setting. This has been fixed.
  • This list will be updated soon. There are quite a lot.