Konduit 2.19.114th Apr 2018

Salutations, 'Scapers,

Most of today's update is centered around some under-the-hood improvements, some minor bugfixes, and the release of the Konduit Discord server.

> Konduit on Discord

That's right— as of today, you can now join the public Konduit Discord server! There are already some detailed introductions and rules laid out on the #welcome channel in Discord, so feel free to head on over.

We do not intend to discontinue the use of the forums— they will still see their use through these update posts, as well as any threads we create for longer-term discussion.

> Raid Scouting: Blocked Rooms

You can now configure rooms to be blacklisted by the raid scouting features. Any blacklisted rooms will be highlighted red, both in the textual rotation in the chat, and the graphical layout in the on-screen overlay.

> Tile Tagging

Also in today's update is a new preliminary feature that allows you to tag specific tiles within the game world. Anywhere with a "Walk here" option is available to be tagged— just hold shift and right click, similar to NPC tagging. You can even customize the color of your tagged tiles. This feature is intended to be developed further; it has some obvious uses in the Inferno, but we're interested in seeing what other uses player can come up with.

> In other news:

  • Issues with the right-click options for Bank Tagging have been resolved.
  • There have been a few performance improvements under the hood, specifically related to rendering the client's overlays.
  • We are aware of an issue causing the map tooltips on the vanilla world map to not display. A fix for this was intended to be included in today's update; due to time constraints, this fix will be included in 2.19.2.