Konduit 2.218th Feb 2016

Hello once again 'Scapers,

This week's update has a few new features and a few more squashed bugs to boot.
We've been paying close attention to the commonly requested features over the past week, and we plan to have at least a few of the larger ones ready for release next week.

The changes listed below are live, so any newly launched client will receive these updates. This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 108, on 18 February.

> Window Size Options

We received a few requests for a way to have the client remember the window size you previously had open. You can now access a setting dialog by clicking the arrows button on the window frame, as pictured. If you select "Remember last frame size," the client will load into the same size and maximized state as the last client you closed. There is also an option to lock the ability to resize the window, if you have a specific size that you always want the window to be.

> Even More Hiscore Options

With the popularity of our right-click Hiscore option on players, we received a few requests to add a similar option to chat messages. When enabled, this option should appear on all public, private or clan chat messages received from another player.

The Hiscores options are off by default, and can be turned on in the "Hiscores Options" configuration in the wrench tab.

> New Alt Key Features

Proceeding with the theme of adding extended overlay functionality when holding down the Alt key, we have a few more features today. Most notably, there is now an option to display the high alchemy values of items in your inventory when holding down the Alt key / Option key. This option is on by default, but can be turned off in the "Items / Hover Tooltips" configuration.

We intend to add a few other features in this manner, to offer some features that have been requested, but to prevent cluttering the screen when you don't want to see certain information.

> Bugfixes:

  • Boss respawn timers should now be much more reliable. There was an issue previously where the timers would not always start when you hadn't received the drop. As of this fix, the boss respawn timer should trigger as long as the boss is within the loaded area.
  • Fixed an issue with the combat level calculation used by the hiscores and precise combat level option— there was a slight inaccuracy when accounting for prayer levels.
  • Made some minor tweaks to some tooltip alignments, such as those displayed when hovering over xp globes.
  • Fixed an issue where the right click Hiscore options were not allowing a hyphen as a valid character in names.

Note: There was an issue lasting until roughly an hour after the RuneScape update today where clients with all of the updates released today were still displaying as version 2.1.1. This has been resolved and any newly started clients should properly reflect the version 2.2.0.