Konduit 2.326th Feb 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

This week is a little heavier on the bug fixes, but we still have a few small improvements to bring to you. The changes below are live as of Friday, 26 February.

> Alchemy Value Features for Ground Items

You can now optionally select alchemy values above which ground items will be automatically highlighted, as well as alchemy values below which items will be automatically blocked. These thresholds are configurable separately.

We have also visually improved the aesthetics of highlighted items in the right click menu: items that are highlighted will be a slightly brighter orange than the default, and will be suffixed with a small image indicating why that item is highlighted— currently a star for manually highlighted items, and an alchemy symbol for items that were highlighted for being above your alch value threshold. You can disable the right-click menu highlight by disabling "Highlight in right click" in the Ground Items configuration.

It has been commonly requested for Grand Exchange prices of items to be able to be displayed next to items on the ground, and we will be implementing this and other relevant features after we make some minor improvements to our GE utilities.

> New Status Indicator & More Planned
We also have added an indicator tile for Overload potions in the Nightmare Zone minigame, and we have fixed some inconsistencies with a few others like the stamina indicator. We have had quite a few suggestions for location specific indicators, such as kingdom approval and waterskins, and we plan to add a batch of these in a future release.

> Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where shift-clicking items to look them up on the Grand Exchange would sometimes leave color codes in their names.
  • Fixed an issue with the zoom feature that would occur during cutscenes.
  • Resolved an issue where having level 98 in a stat would not show remaining xp on hiscores and xp trackers.
  • Revised the stamina potion indicator to reset to two minutes when you drink another dose before the original dose runs out.
  • Fixed an issue with custom context menu options missing.
  • Revised the combat level calculation again to fix an issue with ranged- and magic-based accounts.
  • Added a missing configuration for the world map, it can now be toggled on and off, for those who don't want to see the icon.