Konduit 2.44th Mar 2016

Hey 'Scapers,

Another week has passed and a few new features and fixes come with today's update.

The changes below are live as of time of this changelog, on Friday, 4 March.

> New Status Indicators

There is now another boss respawn timer for the Corporeal Beast. This functions in the same way that the existing ones do, and should be completely reliable.

We have also added the first location-specific indicator, for Miscellania approval percentage. When enabled, this indicator will only be rendered when you are on Miscellania.

> World Hopper Player Counts

Updated the world hopper to display player counts. World list info is re-cached at least once per minute, so the player count should be able to give you a good estimate of the amount of players on any given world.

New Inventory Item Overlays

Added new inventory overlays for some specific items with information associated with them, notably:
[INDENT]Cannonballs will display the number of cannonballs remaining in your cannon when it is actively firing.
The slayer helm and slayer gems display the number of kills remaining on your current task.[/INDENT]

This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the "Item / Hover Tooltips" configuration, called "Item semantics". This setting may be split into multiple settings as more items are labelled in this manner. These are both features that were present elsewhere, but we are making an effort to provide some features in multiple places so you can customize where you would like to see any given piece of information.

> Other Updates:

  • Added a few more right click options to various overlays.
  • Updated the world map to the latest version, released with yesterday's game update.

> Bugfixes:

  • Revised the hunter trap overlay to more reliably detect only your own traps.
  • Resolved an issue where status indicator icon images were being stretched when they would already fit.
  • Fixed an issue where xp drop highlights were highlighting ranged / magic xp for active melee prayers.