Konduit 2.510th Mar 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

It's Thursday again and we're here— a bit early— with another update. This week has a load of new features and a fair bit of fixes and tweaks, so there's bound to be something for everyone. These changes will be live shortly after the time of this changelog.

> Resizable World Map

The world map can now be resized and moved around. You can click the leftmost button on the map's frame to enter edit mode, where you are able to drag the edges to resize the map. If you edit the size of the map, it will be saved individually for fixed and resizable mode and the client will attempt to use the last size you set whenever the client changes size.

We've also added an information / help button on the world map's frame, which brings up a display of the main mouse / keyboard controls for the map, as these weren't explained anywhere previously.

> Experience Tracker Goals

A big behind-the-scenes rework of the Experience Tracker system has taken place, and you can now set goals for your skills. There is now a button labeled "Setup Goals" on the side panel for the Experience Tracker, clicking that will bring up the dialog pictured above.

You can set any level or experience your goal target. Virtual levels through 120 are supported, and experience goals can be set to the maximum of 200 million experience. You can also set any starting point for your goal, with convenience options for your current experience or for the beginning of your current level; this starting point is used when calculating your current percentage through the goal.

The goals that you have set will slightly change the way the trackers look for those skills— they will calculate your remaining experience and actions based on your goal target, and they will calculate the percentage through the goal, from start to finish, rather than the percentage through your current level. When you have reached a goal that you have set, a message will appear in the chat box, and the goal will be cleared after 30 seconds.

The new goal features have also been integrated into the Experience Globes feature, so any goals you've set will be reflected in the tooltips displayed by hovering over one of the globes. The tooltip now also has a percentage bar.

> Idle Alerts

Another feature that was commonly requested was for alerts when you are idle, for training an AFK skill. There are now a few configurable alerts that may be useful for these situations. The alerts support two notification methods: sending a system tray message, and requesting window focus. A system tray message will look similar to the one pictured above, but will vary in appearance with different operating systems. The window focus will typically make the window blink in your taskbar, but may actually force the window to the front on some systems. You can choose any combination of the two notification methods, but if you deactivate both, then no alerts will function— even if they are enabled.

All of the idle alerts are off by default, so if you want to make use of them you'll have to enable them. They can be found in the wrench tab under the "Idle Alerts" configuration. Currently, the following actions have idle alerts:

  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • (Combat) Low Hitpoints or Prayer

> Smooth Zooming Tweaks
Zooming is now smoother and will transition between the old and new levels of zoom when you are changing it. This has been enabled by default, but you can disable it in the Zoom Features configuration if you don't want the smoothed zoom transitions.

You can now also zoom further in than before.

> Clue Scroll Screenshots
There is now a new screenshot trigger for clue scrolls. When you open the reward for any clue scroll, a screenshot will be taken and saved in your account's folder with the prefix 'Clue-'. This option has been enabled by default.

> Bugfixes:

  • Resolved an issue with screenshots that was causing the level-up trigger to not function properly some of the time.
  • Fixed a potential, lower-level issue with a core part of the client; it is unlikely that this was causing any active issues.
  • Fixed an issue when formatting the percentage for the Miscellania indicator tile.
  • Revised the hover tooltip system to not render when it would visually conflict with another overlay feature.
  • Fixed an issue where worlds were being listed twice in the world hopper.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying Grand Exchange offers in the side panel.
  • Revised what the slayer status orb displayed when your task was absent to be more user-friendly.
  • Revised item labels for inventory / equipment to better handle interfaces that force viewing a certain tab, such as the bank.
  • Fixed a benign issue that occurred when rendering the opponent info overlay.
  • Revised the positioning of some status indicators to better center the tile's image.