Konduit 2.614th Mar 2016

Hey 'Sc— Wait, an update on a Monday!?

Earlier today there was a pretty big announcement in regard to Konduit Prime. You can read more about that [here]. The long and the short of it is that every feature of Konduit is now free for all to use. We'd like to take another chance to thank everyone who chose to support us in the first month, and we will continue to provide everyone with the best client that we can— check out the thread linked above for more information.

Altogether this was a relatively small update in terms of new features, however the changes we have made related to Prime spanned throughout a significant portion of the client, so we are also pushing out the pending updates and fixes that we had been working on at the same time. All of the updates outlined below are live as of the time of this post.

> Former Prime Features:

  • Removing attack style tiles for blocked attack styles.
  • Grave markers on the world map, minimap and game world.
  • Name highlights in game and twitch chats.
  • Impling indicators on the minimap and game world.
  • Item overlay for teleportation jewelry charges.
  • Item tooltip for food healing amounts.
  • Minimap and game world markers for friends / clan mates.
  • Alert for rings of recoil breaking.
  • Alert for binding necklaces disintegrating.
  • Alert for your cannon being about to decay.
  • Status indicator for low prayer.
  • Status indicators for boss timers.
  • Status orb for cannonballs.
  • Status orb for binding necklace charges.

All of the features listed above were formerly features of Prime, before today's changes. We'll be sure to update the list if we've missed any.

> New Hover Tooltip Design

The hover tooltips have gotten a new coat of paint today, and now uses a font that feels more properly integrated into the rest of the client. This was a preexisting feature that was enabled by default, you can toggle these off / on in the "Item / Hover Tooltips" configuration.

> New Hiscores For Clues and Bounty Hunter

The hiscores side panel has also had a bit of a refresh, and now displays the number of clue scrolls and bounty hunter kills that a player has recorded on their hiscores, with appropriate tooltips.

> Bugfixes:

  • Standardized the few remaining uses of tooltips throughout the client to use the same fonts.
  • Resolved an issue where custom cursors were not being set on client startup.
  • Shortened the wordy text on the Idle Alerts configuration to prevent hiding the close button in some fonts.
  • Fixed a potential issue with some item label overlays.
  • Revised attack style warnings to account for the controlled option on maces, previously it was treating it as an aggressive style.
  • Fixed an issue where some ranged prayers were causing magic xp drops to be highlighted, and vice versa.

Due to the early nature of this update, our regular release on Thursday may be a bugfix patch only.