Konduit 2.6.117th Mar 2016

Hello 'Scapers,

It's Thursday again, accompanied by some more patches. Due to our feature release earlier this week, we have stuck to fixing a few bugs and/or inconsistencies in existing features for this week— we instead have a few features slated for next week. We still have a few more changes in mind, so there is likely to be a 2.6.2 patch over the weekend.

These changes were live before the time of this changelog. This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 109, on 17 March.

> Focused Idle Alerts
The Idle Alerts features can now optionally be allowed to trigger when the client window has focus. When they were released in 2.5.0, these alerts would only activate when the client window was not the active window. This is still the default behavior, but you can now change this with the option labelled "Alert when focused" in the Idle Alerts config.

> Attack Indicator Fixes
The Attack Indicator feature for removing the tiles for blocked attack styles has had an issue resolved where the autocasting buttons on staves would erroneously disappear under some circumstances.

The warning messages for switching your weapon and ending up on a blocked attack style have also been revised. These are now sent immediately, whereas previously an oversight had them related to opening the attack styles tab.

> Other Fixes:

  • Revised the World Map to better prevent circumstances where the mouse or mouse wheel would get "stuck" when panning around the map.
  • Fixed some timing issues with the idle cooking alert that caused it to alert before your character was actually idle.
  • Revised the format of hover tooltips to include all applicable and enabled features, formerly some tooltips, such as the healing amounts for food, would overwrite other tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where some skills would not be recognized as a screenshot trigger when leveling up.
  • Revised the quantity format used by the Ground Items features slightly.
  • Standardized the error messages given by attempting to open configs when one is already open on the right pane.