Konduit 2.724th Mar 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

Another Thursday is with us, and we have some cool new features to release. These changes will be live shortly after the time of this changelog, on 24 March.

Note: A precursor to this update, version 2.6.3, was released earlier today in order to initially update to Oldschool RuneScape 110.

> Farming Timers

Over the past weekend, I've been working on a rather large framework for farming crops, and today we're releasing our new Farming Timers plugin.

The Farming Timers plugin will do its best to track your crops as you plant them, and then it will maintain projected growth times. It takes into account as much information as possible, including when you log out and cause a farming tick to be skipped, but it cannot give you the exact status of your patches unless you are nearby them, due to an Oldschool update a few months ago. As a result of this, some conditions may cause the timers to be overestimates of the actual patch growth state. The timers will not show you when a patch is diseased, and will only show you that a patch is dead when you move nearby to it.

Behind the scenes, we've also added a new alert display system, as pictured above. The Farming Timers plugin uses this to indicate when you have planted a crop. Multiple other features make use of these messages as well, such as ring of recoil break alerts. There are only a few categories of messages so far, but you can configure them in the "Client Messages" configuration in the wrench tab.

With this update, the Experience Tracker and World Map have received some minor aesthetic touch-ups to bring them in line with the evolving design featured in the Farming Timers plugin.

> New Hover Tooltips

There are now a few new hover tooltip options. Nearly all potions will now display informative tooltips when you hover over them; additionally, prayer restoration potions also have a red or green tooltip based on whether or not you would waste some of the effect of the potion. Some other items also have hover tooltips, such as runecrafting pouches, and the rune pouch.

> New Ammo Orb & Changes to Cannonball Orb

There's a new Status Orb available today, displaying the type and amount of your currently equipped ammunition. If you're handling multiple ammo types or otherwise just want to see your ammo count at a glance, this new orb may be useful to you.

We have also changed the way the cannon orb works. Due to changes made in today's Oldschool update, the client no longer receives the data that we had used to know your cannon's cannonball count. We will be looking for another way to monitor this data; in the meantime the cannon orb has been re-purposed to display the time until your cannon breaks.

> Other Fixes:

  • Fixed a potentially pervasive issue pertaining to the saving of client settings.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing using an email to log into the Launcher.
  • Revised some default opacity settings in the Experience Counter and Opponent Info features to more closely match the vanilla client's aesthetic.
  • Revised the World Map to log messages to the client log in the event that its files fail to download.
  • Fixed alignment issues with the result tiles in the Grand Exchange lookup side panel.
  • Revised the Ground Items text to be placed further above the item stack to better avoid covering up the item.
  • Fixed an issue where some levelup messages in the chat were representing level 0.