Konduit 2.7.12nd Apr 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

Aside from the meme-day features you may have seen yesterday, this week is mostly bugfixes. We plan to have a few feature updates next week.

This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 111, on 31 March.

> Bugfixes / Improvements:

  • Updated a core part of the client to resolve some overlay inconsistencies when logging in.
  • Updated the Farming Timers plugin to not display estimated times for dead patches, to update more promptly when logging in / out, and to correct some behavior with wood trees.
  • Revised the Status Alert on-screen messages to better center them in resizable.
  • Updated the Status Indicators cannon timer to recognize when you've repaired an existing cannon.
  • Revised runecrafting pouch tooltips to account for normal rune essence.
  • Fixed a few mis-labeled skills in potion tooltips.
  • Revised the binding necklace Status Orb to account for the new max charge.
  • Updated hiscore-related features to account for the new seasonal deadman mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the font may not have properly been set in tooltips.