Konduit 2.822nd Apr 2016

Hey 'Scapers,

Another Thursday is upon us, and we have a hefty amount of updates up for release today. These changes were live before the time of this changelog. The precursor to this update was released in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 113, on 21 April.

> Bank Value & GE Tools

One highly requested feature has been for a means to check your bank's tradeable value. You can now find a new option in the Grand Exchange side panel which will allow you to do just that.

To avoid unnecessary processing and web requests, this feature does not run passively. If you want to utilize this feature, you have to run it explicitly. You can do this from the "Exchange / Bank Tools" side panel, under the Bank Val screen. Once you click the calculate button, any necessary item prices will be queried, and a summary of your bank's estimated value will be displayed.

The bank screen must be open in order to do this, as the client only has access to this data while the bank is open. It may take a second to run the first time, as it queries for the prices of the tradeable items in your bank on demand, not passively.

Untradeable items are currently not included in the total value, in the future their alchemy values may be included when appropriate; we also plan to offer calculating the value of your bank based entirely on alchemy values in the near future.

The bank value tools will display the total estimated value of your bank in coins, as well as your highest valued single item, your highest valued stack of items, and your largest stack of items.

If you have more than one bank tab, it will also show a breakdown of each non-empty tab's value, as pictured above.

In conjunction with the new Bank Value tools, the interface for the existing Grand Exchange tools has been updated. The theme now echoes that of the Experience Tracker and Farming Timers features.

> God Wars Altar Timers

A new Status Indicator has been added for altars within the boss rooms of the God Wars Dungeon; this indicator tile is only displayed while in the dungeon. Just what it says on the tin, it will time the 10 minute cooldown for using the altars.

> Cannonball Counter Reinstated
Changes to the game a few weeks back had removed the method by which we tracked your cannon's cannonball count. We have adapted to this change and any features relying on the cannonball count have been restored.

> Overlay Repositioning Improvements
A new system has been designed behind the scenes to manage repositioning overlays. This is primarily used in resizable mode when the size of the game screen changes; the new system should reposition overlays much more intuitively and reliably. This system has currently only been integrated into the Status Indicators overlay; the remaining overlays will be revised soon.

> Other Additions / Bugfixes:

  • An old, legacy configuration format has been unsupported. As long as you have used the client within the past two months, your settings will have been automagically translated to the new format long ago; otherwise, settings may be reset to their defaults.
  • Added a new Idle Alert for smithing at an anvil.
  • The Frame Options dialog now offers an always-on-top mode.
  • The Frame Options dialog now offers a setting to confine the window to the screen edges.
  • Updated the Hunter Overlays to use the existing rings on the overlay to represent a timer for when the trap will fall down.
  • Revised the World Hopper behind the scenes to adapt to changes made to the game.
  • Updated some minor aesthetic elements of Experience Drops to more closely match the game's aesthetic.
  • Revised some Experience Tracker tooltips to also display xp remaining to your next level when a goal is set, if applicable.