Konduit 2.8.123rd Apr 2016

Hello again 'Scapers,

We're back today with another small update; we have a few changes to last Thursday's update, and a few bugfixes besides. The changes outlined here were live at the time of this changelog.

> Bank Value Improvements

The Bank Value feature released last Thursday was a highly requested feature, and there are still quite a few people asking for this feature as they were not aware that we had added it. We've added a new button to the bank interface that should make this feature more apparent and conveniently accessible.

Some users were reporting that the Bank Value calculations were noticeably inaccurate, and this was likely because many untradeable items had a significant value, but were not being counted as they were untradeable in their current state.

We've now made it so various untradeable items are now included when calculating your bank's value. Ranging from barrows sets to imbued rings, there were a few valueable items that were previously not being accounted for, as they were untradeable. These items are now included at the value of their most sensible, tradeable analog, such as the unimbued version of imbued rings.

> Bugfixes:

  • Revised the Clue Scrolls plugin to address some potential issues with "missing" clues.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with some item names displayed by the Bank Value side panel.
  • Revised the Hunter Overlay to more reliably find traps when you are setting them up.
  • Updated the World Map plugin to avoid causing delays during client initialization.