Konduit 2.96th May 2016

Hey there 'Scapers,

It was Thursday again, and we've got a load of new features ready to go. The changes outlined here were live shortly before the posting of this changelog.

> New Freeze Timer Indicators

There is now a new Status Indicator available for freeze timers. These timers will track when you are bound by magic spells, complete with a timer displaying when you will be able to move again.

> Brightened / Darkened Hitsplats

Highly reminiscent of an update to the main game back in the pre-eoc era, your own character's hit marks are now visually distinguished from those of other players. All damage that you deal directly will be the typical bright red, as well as any damage on your character.

This feature can be toggled under the Opponent Info configuration, with the "Darken other's hisplats" setting.

> Clan Join / Leave Messages

You can now enable joining / leaving messages for clan chat, which will display when a user joins or leaves the clan chat you are in. It can also be configured to only display these messages for players of a certain rank or higher. It will not display any join messages when you yourself join a clan chat, and these messages will disappear after about 12 seconds to avoid clutter.

These messages are disabled by default, as they tend to be somewhat spammy; to enable them, you can find them under the Player Indicators configuration, under the "Clan join / leave messages" setting.

> Set Friend Notes

You can now set notes on players in your friends list by right clicking them; these notes will then be displayed when you hover over that player's name. For convenience, any notes you set will carry across all accounts within the client.

> Tick Pace Helper

There is now a new feature within the Experience Drops feature that supports sending "placeholder" xp drops at defined tick intervals. This feature is intended for players who are doing skilling activities using tick manipulation methods— e.g. 3 tick fishing— so not everybody may have an immediate use for this.

Disabled by default, you can configure the skill to track and its interval in server ticks in the Experience Drops configuration.

> New Idle Alerts
There is now a new Idle Alert option for Fletching. If you have it enabled, it will trigger for cutting or stringing any bows. As with all Idle Alerts, this is off by default and can be enabled in the Idle Alerts configuration.

We are able to add Idle Alerts for nearly anything you can imagine, so feel free to share your ideas; we currently have plans to add an alert for mining, which will also work for the Arceuus essence mine.

> New Barrows Features
As of today, in a similar fashion to level ups and clue loot, barrows loot can be screenshot when the interface pops up. This option is enabled by default. We also have some other highly requested features coming for barrows soon.

> Enhanced Slayer Task Messages

A small ease of use update, the message displayed when you complete a slayer task has been modified to include your new slayer point balance.

> Bugfixes:

  • Improved a core system that handled resizing the game to produce more reliable overlay repositioning.
  • Fixed some issues with cannonball tracking, which should now be more reliable.
  • Fixed an issue where the always on top setting would conflict with color setting dialogs.
  • Fixed mislabelled potions that thought they were NMZ overloads.
  • Resolved errors / oversights in saving settings for Hunter Overlay and Status Indicators.
  • Fixed a formatting issue that could rarely occur in the Opponent Info overlay.