We provide all of the gameplay features within Konduit at no charge. This includes staying up to date with the latest Oldschool version, and releasing frequent updates with new additions and bug fixes.

If you enjoy the client, please consider donating! All donations help contribute towards our operation costs and development time— helping to keep Konduit running and up to date for everyone.

If you would like your donation to be listed with your name, please be sure to complete the form you are sent to after donating. Otherwise, your donation will be listed nearby anonymously.

We also offer donors the ability to display a unique forum banner as a thank-you for their contribution. We may offer other rewards along these lines in the future, but we will not lock any client features behind a pay wall. Any rewards added in the future will be available to all donors retroactively.

Recent Donations

Rott has donated $5.00 on the 28th of May
ImWifi has donated $10.00
Heroof0 has donated $10.00
nikezero has donated $10.00
Ksechy has donated $3.00
lxucifer has donated $3.00
Domjan1911 has donated $20.00
Anonymous has donated $10.00
Anonymous has donated $10.00
Thingy has donated $1.50

We will be adding a list of top donors soon.
If you donated prior to the new website layout and would like your donation attributed to you, please contact us.