Woah! Quite a lot has changed since this all started; we're working on updating this page to represent the full set of features available in Konduit today.
In the meantime, if you're interested, why not check out the multitude of update changelogs that have been posted.
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Health Display
PvP Stats
Style Indicator
Style Warning
Hide Combat Styles
Combat Level Precision
Ground Item Drops
Item Highlighting
Slayer Indicator
Consumable Tooltips
Cannon Timer
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Experience Counter
Experience Drops
Experience Globes
Detailed Levelup Messages
Magic Rune Pouch Info
Hunter Trap Indicators
Impling Markers
Runecrafting Pouches
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Status Indicators
Timing Indicators
Status Orbs
System Tray Alerts
World Hop Menu
Hop-To Friends
World Map
Death Marker
Anagram Clue Helper
Coordinate Clue Helper
Riddle Clue Helper
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Friend / Ignore / Clan Count
Hiscore Menu Option
Name Highlighting
Clan Chat Caller
Custom Cursors
GE Offers Panel
GE Items Search
Hiscores Lookup
Remember Username
Twitch Integration
Friend / Clan Markers